Are you motivated to make a change in how you move and feel? Do you want to maintain your independence throughout life? Do you want to return to doing things you love such as sleeping, walking, playing with your kids/grand kids or working toward that PR you’ve dreamed? Or do you just want information on how to manage your back or joint pain without the use of medications or injections?

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Who are we?

We help active women (and men) 45+ improve mobility, decrease pain, reduce the need for surgery and live their best life without the use of excessive diagnostic tests, prescription medications or frequent MD visits.

Why are we different?

We are the experts in movement. We help you regain control over your movement health and return to the activities you love to do. We provide one to one care that is will meet your specific needs. We understand that your time is valuable and you want to return to doing what you love as soon as possible. Before we take on your care, we make sure you are a good fit for each other and that we can help you. We promote a healthy, active lifestyle in an encouraging and supportive environment. All of this without the need for a referral from a doctor.

We believe it’s important to simply MOVE B.E.T.T.E.R

Believe: You will improve and you can do this.
Empower: Learn how to manage your symptoms on your own.
Teamwork: We’ll work together to help you achieve your goals.
Total Body: The whole body is important to good mobility.
Equilibrium: Life is all about balance both physically and spiritually.
Respect: Honor the process and your body can achieve great things.