“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” Lao TzoHave you ever been referred to physical therapy with more than one area of pain but your therapist was only able to work on one or the other during the course of your rehab?Move Better, LLC is a physical therapy and fitness clinic that promotes whole body movement with your goals in mind. Most PT clinics are limited in how they treat patients due to insurance regulations and allowance for treatment. As an out of network physical therapy clinic you have more choice in your care. We help you to find the reason behind the movement dysfunction or pain. If you have multiple injuries we help you to connect the dots and educate you on how and why these injuries (or prior injuries) may be connected . Although the total course of care may take a bit longer, you can be seen for multiple areas in one treatment session. In MA, a physical therapist does not need a physician’s referral to evaluate and treat. You have direct access to our services and therefore a bigger say in your course of treatment including frequency and duration.Have you ever felt like your appointment was rushed? Are you frustrated with feeling like a number and doing exercises on your own, in treatment, that you could easily do at home?At Move Better, you are seen 1:1 in a  patient, supportive and encouraging environment. You are allowed and encouraged to talk about  your concerns and find a way to make an improvement. You are empowered to take control of your health.  You are encouraged to have a positive attitude, a belief that you will improve and return to doing the things that you love.Have you ever finished a course of treatment yet not felt like your problem was fully resolved to your expectations? Achieving optimal results takes time and we work with you until you are satisfied. If we are unable to make a positive change, we will refer to another clinician or to your physician. You are expected to continue your individually prescribed exercise routines at home but have access via email/phone/video chat to review your program as needed in between sessions. To achieve healthy mobility we work together as a team and we encourage you to ask questions until you feel you have the answers you want.

Have you been told that you need to lose weight prior to having surgery? Are you recovering from surgery, but want to continue to work out and stay in shape? Do you have pain and want to work out but are afraid of injuring yourself? Do you know that you need to strengthen your core, but feel like you never get any stronger?

In addition to physical therapy, starting/returning to a fitness program is vital to achieving the best possible outcome. Starting a new fitness routine can be scary and most of the time if you’re in pain, working out is the last thing you want to do. We understand that exercises may need to be modified to allow you to move without pain. Starting this process before a surgery will help achieve the best outcomes after surgery.

You can choose to work with us after your physical therapy has ended or even prior to an injury. In our fitness programs we work with you and design a program that enables you to resume activities such as walking, running, hiking, lifting or just getting up and down from the floor. We want you to live your best, healthiest and happiest life.

At Move Better we offer individual sessions as well as package deals in which YOU have the CHOICE of including fitness training into your plan of care before, during and after your physical therapy. You need only to take the first step.

Laura Turner PT, DPT

Laura has been a licensed physical therapist since 1991 when she graduated from Northeastern University, in Boston, MA. She returned to Northeastern in January 2014 and completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in May 2016. Laura has worked in various settings throughout her career but has focused the last 20 years in outpatient orthopedic and sports medicine care.

Laura’s philosophy that the body moves as a unit has evolved over the last 30 years. She considers a whole-body approach to be an integral part of recovering from an injury or returning to a sport. She wanted to incorporate a holistic approach to movement that focused on what you want to accomplish. As such, this would require more time spent with each of her clients resulting in leaving the traditional physical therapy model.

Laura is passionate about strength training and exercise.  She enjoys empowering women of all ages to embrace strength training and better mobility as a way to stay active and healthy while decreasing the risk of injuries.

Laura believes communication and team work are the keys to reducing pain and returning to the life you want to be living: hiking, biking, running lifting and playing on the floor with your kids/grand kids. She uses total body exercise routines to optimize strength and conditioning and encourages movement in the 3 planes of movement to mimic real life strategies.

Laura has been married to her husband Bill since 1995. They enjoy cheering on the Boston sports teams. Laura especially enjoys watching the New England Patriots play. They spend most weekends at their lake house in NY where they enjoy water-skiing, kayaking, hiking, skiing, snow shoeing, 4-wheeling and ice fishing.